☽ creating, expressing & being ﹌

yoga, rituals & the beauty of sounds. 

Be guided through a peaceful yoga class. Feeling your soft yin energy or gently embracing your fire, your yang. Adapting to the energy & preferences that are needed. Letting everything flow. Getting in touch with your senses, especially in listening to vibrant music. As well as connecting deeply to your intuition & heart’s desires. 

tarot reading, reiki & massages. 

Using tarot or oracle cards to get insights & guidance for your life’s journey.

The benefits of reiki  - a non invasive healing technique - & regenerative massages are to restore balance, release stress, activating the natural healing process of your body & much more.

mindful movements & workouts.

Taking care of your body & increasing your strength, endurance & mobility.
Starting to train with focus & awareness.
I create special workouts for your individual needs, as well as specific classes for surfing or other sports.


My Name is Pia!
currently I’m travelling around with my van, teaching yoga wherever I go & enjoying the little adventures in between. The main thing is just being at the ocean, where I feel at home.

Basically I started as a fitness instructor, working in a gym & teaching various classes. Strength, endurance and mobility based.
There I found my love for yoga.
Thirsty of knowledge I decided to do a 4 week intense YTT (yoga teacher training). It led me into deeper connection of who I am & what I want. Knowing that one day I want to travel around combining yoga classes & surfing.

I found my heart’s desire & soul purpose in what I do. Letting my creativity run wild. On my journey I already got the possibility to meet so many beautiful, likeminded spirits, inspiring & learning so much from each other - This is was deeply fulfills me & I'm immensely grateful for that. 

‘dreams come true not only in your mind’ 

☽ part of a song that crossed my path during travelling. 

where I learned so much about my self, my soul, my heart. 
& that dreams can come true … ☾

Let’s connect.

get in touch with me!
send me your booking request here.
or leave a message for more information.
I’m looking forward to read from you. :)

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