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a journey to yourself 

an adventure to your inner world.
connecting physical body & subtle energies
a good treat for body, mind & soul !

tarot reading.

Understanding that everything is made out of energies, frequencies, vibrations ~ everything is energy.
you can use tarot or oracle cards to reflect this energy into a form, picture, something that you can visually connect to. 
Readings can help to express your own energies, the state you’re in right now ~ past ~ future or to answer questions about life. 

tarot reading oracle cards pick a card
reiki aura cleansing chakras massage

intuitive reiki healing & massages.

Connecting to the universal life energy (=reiki) & guiding it where it's needed. Being surrounded by harmonizing, balancing energy. Feeling supported to process, overcome & release emotions, situations or changes. The reiki healing session can be assisted by regenerative, gentle massages. Crystals, tarot cards, singing bowls can be applied to intensify the effect and desired impact.


aligning with the moon, elements & light within.

Yoga means union - union of body, mind & soul. It's the alignment of your spirit being grounded here on earth. There are different ways to practice Yoga. Through body positions (asanas), meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), studying sacred writings, chanting & more.
For me it's about the connection of nature that is surrounding us as well as in us. Connecting back to our roots, natural cycles in alingment with the moon phases, elements & light within.

yoga ocean sunrise beach meditation
mantra kirtan singing harmonium ukulele chanting

mantra chanting & singing.

Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion and love. Devote yourself to what is, filling your heart with unconditional love & joy. Getting one with everythig & everyone. Letting go of judgment, burdens and  limitations. Reaching  this by chanting Mantras (in sanscrit), opening your voice, listening to vibrant music. Being part of a Kirtan circle where you chant & create music together.
Coming together as a community, where you can express yourself & be who you are.
I'm guiding singing circles or sound healings with my harmonium and ukulele.
Feeling the vibrations running through your body & expanding overall. Creating light(ness), love & unity.

mindful movements & workouts.

Increasing your strenght, mobility & endurance by connecting to your physical body, adapting your mind & gaining trust in what you're doing.
For me it's important to reconnect to what your body is telling you, treating yourself with care & awareness and trusting in your abilities.
To align & feel at home within yourself and from there reaching your goals. embracing your power.
Staying motivated because of all the benefits for your whole system.
With focus on your individual needs I'll guide you through mindful, empowering training sessions.
Ready to leave a smile on your face & enjoying the good treatment for your body & mind.

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