about me.

Wherever you are, be all there

hello beautiful soul.

my name is Pia & I’m here
to share my adventures with you.

I told myself that I want to life at the ocean, where it's warm & the sun shines.
So yes - this is where I am right now.

Slow travelling with my van and going where life brings me.
In the beauty of the unkown, I learned to listen to my intuition & heart.
I see excitement in all the adventures that are waiting for the me,
the possibility to grow & learn - knowing that something is ahead
that I should experience. 

But let's see how I ended up doing what I'm doing.
Basically I started my career as a fitness instructor after I finished school.
Just understanding how the body is functioning, which immense influence movements have
on your well-being, treating yourself with care & which big smile it leaves on your face
- that is the feeling I want to share & kept me going!
After doing various group fitness classes, personal trainings
and educations in the medical fitness area.

It was time for a change!
I did my first solo travel trip, where I stayed in a surfcamp in Portugal.
First time surfing, first time going somewhere alone.

This is where my magic happened:
I decided I want to become a Yoga teacher, quit my job & teach yoga classes in surf camps.
So I did it.
I mean of course it took a while to be where I am now,
to figure out how, where, what - and life had different plans in between.
Taking risks, step by step, to leave the place where I grew up & going where I feel that I belong.
Where I feel I can fulfill my heart's desire, my passion, myself.
On this journey I connected deeper to spirituality, got to know myself better
& unfolded my abilities to work with energies.

Sharing the vibe of connecting to your inner light, your true nature,
seeing your beautiful soul & being.
Treating yourself with care, love & abundance.

I've learned & changed a lot by practicing Yoga, receiving Reiki, doing Tarot reading -
I've learned to reflect, changing perspectives & don't taking myself too serious.
Life wants to be experienced in
a beautiful, simple, harmonic & peaceful way.

my dream came true - living at the ocean, connecting to the moon, nature & light within,
following my soul's purpose & heart's desire

where to find me? 

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I started my journey end of august 2023 with my van. Heading down to Portugal from Cologne, Germany. After working for a few month in Costa da Caparica (close to Lisbon) I made my way down to the Westalgarve. I made it to my favourite place in Portugal - Arrifana, Monte Clerigo, Amoreira - the whole area of Aljezur. After spending almost the whole winter there, it was time for the next adventure. End of february I took the ferry to Fuerteventura!!

what does maluhia mean?

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maluhia (hawaiian) = peace
When I was looking for an artist name I wanted something that represents what I want to give & share with this world. Something that we can create together. Something that is part of my practice, expression & creativity. I found myself being guided in inner peace, grounded & learning to be patient. This feeling of real deep peace that is connected to gratitude, unconditional love & our true, pure nature. This is what I wanted to express.
Already from an early age I felt a connection to Hawaii - its nature, colours, honouring. And especially the melodic, vocal language resonated with me. This is how I discovered MALUHIA

my qualifications.

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I started as a fitness instructor - now with plenty of years of experience in teaching group fitness classes & doing personal training. Done futher educations more specific to medical fitness coaching. From this enormous curiosity of anatomy I dived deeper into the spiritual, subtle connection of the body & intuition. Beginning with Yoga & from there consistantly learning more about chakras, energies, clairevoyance & much more.

Here's a little list of my certifications:
* fitness training (B-License)
* group fitness training (B-License)
* personal training (A-License)
* medical fitness training (A-License)
* health coaching (A-License)
* performance and health diagnostics (A-License)
* coordination training (A-License)
* barbel training (BVDG)
* sports and regeneration massage
* yoga teacher training (400h)
* yin yoga training
* chakra teacher training
* reiki level 1 + 2

my unprofessional skills/ hidden talents:
* playing ukulele + harmonium, vegan chef, pretending to surf, jumping into cold water, spontaneous dance sessions, singing, singing, singing & the rest you need to figure out by yourself.

little insight of classes I teach(ed): strength classes, cardio training like indoor cycling, Zumba, Aerobic & ThaiBoxing, HIIT workouts, Pilates, Yoga & much more.

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