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Here you’ll find all upcoming Yoga Retreats!
Scroll down to get some impressions from the past ones.
All of them are created with lots of love and passion.
We are ready to have a magical time with you.
Are you ready too?

Upcoming retreats.

By now there are no more retreats planned. 
But take a look at the impressions of the last ones!

rituals & ceremonies


Cacao has an immensely heart opening effect on the body.
During the ceremony you connect to Mother Nature & getting into deep gratitude for everything & everyone. With total awareness and all your senses you start drinking the pure cacao.

new moon | full moon

Inviting or releasing. You set intentions for the upcoming moon phase. You let go of what is no longer serving you or manifest your dreams, wealth & abundance.


With palo santo, sage or different incense sticks you can purify your energy field & surrounding. By using the power of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) you can affect your chakra system.

insights & impressions 

vegan food ~ nourishing & healthy

How to book?

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Just send me a quick message that you’d like to join! :)

Am I ready for a Yoga Retreat?

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Short answer: Yes, you are!
If you have any doubts because you don’t practice yoga (regularly),  are a beginner in meditating or even never did it before.
The only thing I can tell you is - there is a beautiful energy & light within you that felt attracted to the Retreat we created. Something inside of you wants to try & experience it.
Everyone is welcome and we are there to support you.
All you need to be is yourself