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May 20 - 27, 2023


~ Yoga & Meditation combined with reiki healing
~ cacao ceremony
~ rituals (moon,cleansing)
~ sharing circle
~ ecstatic dance
~ final ceremony 

What to expect ?

We choose the word ‘MOHALA’ because it means ‘to bloom’. In this week we focus on growing & blossoming up! It’s time to glow in our most beautiful colours - like a flower we connect to the elements which are nourishing us and assisting our growth. 

prices ~ what is included?

program 🤍

~ daily yoga & meditation
(special yoga lesson with live music)
~ cacao ceremony
~ new moon & cleansing ritual
~ sharing circles including journaling
~ ecstatic dance
~ heartwarming final ceremony

the whole program for only 777

board & lodging 

~ 7 nights accommodation
(shared/double or single rooms)
~ completely vegan food

  • 7x brunch
  • 4x 3 course dinner
  • 1x tapas night 

~ water, teas & coffee disposable
~ seasonal & regional fruits

starting from 630€ p.p.

accommodation ~ Casa de Cuore 

Surrounded by nature & only 10min away from the beach in El Palmar, Andalusia. A lot of surf spots are just around the corner - also perfect for watching the most incredible sunsets.
The Yoga dome convinces with its stunning view into nature & calm ambience
A place to reconnect & slowing down.

rooms ~ warm & cozy

In total 11 people fit into the accommodation. There are 3 twin rooms for shared or single use.
Additionally 1 en-suite and one single room with private bathroom.
And on top you have the possibility to live in your own cozy dome (max. 2 persons) for more privacy & with own bathroom.

vegan food ~ nourishing & healthy

rituals & ceremonies


Cacao has an immensely heart opening effect on the body.
During the ceremony you connect to Mother Nature & getting into deep gratitude for everything & everyone. With total awareness and all your senses you start drinking the pure cacao.

new moon | full moon

Inviting or releasing. You set intentions for the upcoming moon phase. You let go of what is no longer serving you or manifest your dreams, wealth & abundance.


With palo santo, sage or different incense sticks you can purify your energy field & surrounding. By using the power of the elements (earth, air, fire, water) you can affect your chakra system.

How to book?

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Just send me a quick message that you’d like to join! :)

Am I ready for a Yoga Retreat?

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Short answer: Yes, you are!
If you have any doubts because you don’t practice yoga (regularly),  are a beginner in meditating or even never did it before.
The only thing I can tell you is - there is a beautiful energy & light within you that felt attracted to the Retreat we created. Something inside of you wants to try & experience it.
Everyone is welcome and we are there to support you.
All you need to be is yourself

insights & impressions